The Tahara Advantage


Many diets have one counting calories, carbs, fats, or servings. With the Tahara program, portions are not counted or restricted at any time - it is very simple and low-stress.


Eating small meals of solid foods stimulates the hunger cycle. Our program minimizes hunger even though one is consuming half the calories of most weight-loss diets and is losing weight much more rapidly.

Speed of weight-loss

Instead of 2 pounds per week with most diets, with our program one should lose at least 5-7 lbs per week. Rapid weight-loss with minimal hunger is a great motivation booster.

Cravings and Changing of Eating Habits

With most diets, one typically eats less of the foods one would normally eat, which has no effect on cravings.  The Tahara program involves a break from normal eating habits and diet which eliminates cravings. This makes changing eating habits much easier after the fast.

Other Health Benefits

Our program offers detoxification health benefits far beyond those of weight-loss alone. It helps control high cholesterol, hypertension, asthma, allergies, & other conditions.

Nutritional value of Foods Eaten

With some diet plans, one may eat non-organic prepackaged foods containing pesticides, herbicides, food additives, preservatives, coloring, hydrogenated oils, etc. With our program, you are asked to eat organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and consume a super-nutritious fermented juice made from organic fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs.

      Tahara     Detox & Weight Loss

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