**2 years of fermentation keeps all the beneficial micro-organisms present which help the digestive tract stay healthy and active, moving waste and optimizing the immune system.

**Premium glucose helps feed your digestive system, so it can take a complete rest.  It also triggers the brain response of satiation so that you are not hungry.

Fermentation also has an extra, added mysterious effect on our health not fully understood by modern science.  Other fermented foods such as natto, miso and yogurt have a direct, positive effect on our health and are enjoyed by millions everyday as a source of good nutrition.

TAHARA FORMULA is a genuinely natural food supplement! 
No additives,  No preservatives,  100% organic ingredients!

We never use any chemicals such as preservatives nor do we apply heat to our ingredients in any of the fermentation and maturation stages so their constituents do not break down. After pre-treating the ingredients, we let nature take its course, and add our very own unique fermentation techniques to give this live Food a helping hand.
To order Tahara diet/detox formula
call (925) 337-4620
(after 5 PM Pacific time or anytime on weekends)

We will ship product within the continental U.S.

1 bottle (1200 ml)           $140 + $10 shipping
more than 1 bottle          $140 each + free shipping

1 bottle lasts most customers for 4 days, although some customers use the formula more slowly.

      Tahara     Detox & Weight Loss

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