What is detoxification and why do we need it?

Our bodies are designed to deal with toxins. They have always existed in the foods we
ate and in the metabolic byproducts of those foods as well as the byproducts of harmful
bacteria and micro-organisms. The problem is that our modern industrialized society
places a huge additional toxic burden on us that our ancestors did not have. We consume
 the herbicides and pesticides that have been sprayed on our crops. We drink polluted
water and breathe polluted air. Our foods have been stripped of their nutrients and
adulterated with hydrogenated oils and additives of every kind. Toxins are given off by
the materials used to build our homes and the household items we use to clean them.
When our bodies receive more toxins than they can handle, they are stored in fatty
tissues and contribute to a wide range of health problems. Nearly every chemical known
to modern man is now found in mother's milk.

The principles behind detoxification/cleansing are simple:

Minimize the input of new toxins. Stop consuming caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and
medications (if possible),

Force the body to consume its extra fat and the toxins stored in this fat with a low-calorie
diet. When the body loses fat, the toxins stored in the fat are released. We want the
liver and other organs involved in detoxification to devote 100% of their resources to
dealing with these toxins.

Support detoxification through optimal nutrition, rest, exercise, and sweating. The
Tahara formula is a fermented blend comprised of a wide variety of organic fruits,
vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs. It supplies the enzymes, vitamins, phytochemicals,
and antioxidants needed to support the liver and other organs of detoxification.

The body does much of its healing during sleep and rest, and one should be sure to get
adequate sleep and rest while cleasing. Minimize stressful activities. The Tahara
formula, being fermented, has already been “predigested” by yeast and does not
require the secretion of any digestive enzymes. The digestive system is effectively
given a rest while one is consuming the formula.

Exercise helps the cleaning process in a number of ways. It consumes calories, thereby
leading to additional fat loss and the associated release of toxins. It boosts metabolism,
which helps this fat loss to continue for hours after exercise has stopped. It lowers
stress and helps one to rest and sleep. It boosts circulation and causes sweating.

The skin is a major organ of detoxification, and anything that causes one to sweat helps
the body cleanse itself. In addition to exercise, sweating may be induced by saunas,
particularly far-infrared saunas. If one does not have access to a sauna, hot baths are
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